In determining the amount of product necessary in treating your pond it is important for us to be clear on a couple of things: the current vertical loss in 24 hr, and the slope angle of the pond. This sheet will help to make sure that we are all referring to the same measurements.

Vertical Loss Measurement Assistant

In measuring the 24 hr vertical loss it is useful to use a steel ruler or staff gauge that is driven into the ground in an area of the pond that is easily accessible. The pond should have water in this area for the entire 24 hr period as well. Simply note the elevation on the ruler at the start of the test and return the next day to determine the new elevation.

Slope Angle Measurement Assistant

Slope is determined by measuring the length of the slope and the depth of the pond. It is usually expressed as Length : Depth (ie. 4:1, 2:1, 1:1, etc.)

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